Two more done Elvan and Mark

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First of all Happy Valentines Day to you all. Its frigid cold here in Ohio, single digits so I have been painting. I  did these in watercolor. Bad thing is I used my canvas which really not used for watercolor. Screwed up Ellen first go around by accidentally spilling paint over it so started over. Taking a break from paints for awhile and going to get some better quality watercolor paper, as I think it will help alot. 


Ladies first: elvan, this first one is the one that got thrown away before it was finished. Following is finished one on canvas that was prepped for oil not watercolor.....that was my first mistake. Lesson learned....

  <first one that got damaged before it was finished. I was liking it too

Next attempt:

I am going to do a little more work on bottom of Ellens tomorrow and will post changes then


And here's Mark, who I STIll cannot figure out why the @ thingy for him won't work for me! He was also painted on wrong kind of prepped canvas, but I was determined to make it work. Lesson truly learned.



Next 3 up are Patty-cake and OldBones-Larry and djmurray_12-31-14

I going to go fill up on chocolate now. Have a great weekend