Discussion created by alissastump on Feb 12, 2020
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Hello everyone.  Newbie here,  working on 5 DOF.  I'm really excited to have found this site.  I have been browsing through the blogs and I really enjoy reading about everyone's successes.  I also have found relief in reading of the struggles too.  Reminds me that I'm human and I am not alone in this. 


Everyone on here seems to be so close.  I am so proud to be joining the EXer community.


I am quitting for my second (quit previously for 4 years) and last time.  I am a mother of 4 beautiful/crazy/wild kids.

I work full time, take care of my kids and manage my house pretty much all on my own.  But I'm not complaining,  just sayin'.. if I can be Superwoman daily,  I know I have this smoking thing down. 


But not to overestimate my self or my strength in this-  There is strength in numbers.  Any advice or encouragement that any of you have is more than welcomed.  I hope to make many new friendships here!