Keep backsliding!

Discussion created by Tsngo on Feb 10, 2020
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I keep backsliding and I feel awful again. The furthest I've gone without vaping since my first quit attempt on 1/1 is 7 days. Help! I really want to stop! I started smoking in my early teens and am now 62. I turned into a "social" smoker years ago and lit up with a friends and family that smoked mostly. Then I discovered vaping a couple years ago. I wish I hadn't! I have been using nicotine lozenges during these stretches when I've not caved in, reading alot for the first time about the addiction and beginning to understand the complexity of this terrible habit. I still don't understand why I keep caving though......

My whole family smoked growing up and two of my three adult children smoke. Feel very guilty. Find it hard to believe when I was in high school there was a smoking area! Feeling defeated, but going to keep trying.