Tomorrow I Go Back to Work

Discussion created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Feb 9, 2020
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Tomorrow I go back to work.  Court dates, intakes at rehab facilities, searching for my clients who have relapsed....I struggle to find joy in my job although these women need it so much more than I do.  I won't smoke over it.  They do.  I won't get discouraged.  They do.  I can't give up on them.  They do.


It's a job that often depletes me.  Drains me.  But I hold on to the memory of when I was addicted to cigarettes and knew I needed to quit.  The fear, the uncertainty, and the overwhelming sense of loss I felt then is what they are feeling now and to a much heightened degree.


When I have the time to come here, I do.  It's like coming home to a warm, inviting family who sit around the dinner table laughing and sharing their hearts.  So thank you!!  I need it more than you realize and I appreciate it so much more than I will ever be able to say.


I hope those who have come over from the Q find the same thing...a sense of home.  I hope the smokers who are dipping their toes in the waters of quitting find the same thing.  I hope those who struggle and those who are lonely and those who can't make sense of their lives find the same thing.  A sense of home with love and laughter and comfort and peace.


Tomorrow I go back to work with a lighter heart than I left it on Friday.  Thank you