10 Years smoke free!!!!

Discussion created by accord62 on Feb 8, 2020
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Tomorrow February 9, 2020 will be 10 years since I quit smoking!  Also my Dad's birthday!!  Smoking took my Dad's life.  He had COPD, emphysema, a tumor in his chest.  I saw him gasp for air walking 3 feet.  He went in for a biopsy and while in recovery and went into respiratory failure.  he was put on life support so we could tell him good bye.  He passed away in 2 days.  Even after seeing this it still took me 1 year to quit smoking.  It was pretty tough but with the help of Prayer, Alan Carr's Easy way to stop smoking and this website I got through it!  I never crave a cigarette anymore. I feel so good now!   I am so thankful I had everyone on here to tell me how they quit and what helped them. Thank you to all of you!!!  To everyone quitting you can do this!!  We are all here for you with our stories and our tips on what we did to quit!!  Once you get through the tough part you will be so happy you are a Non smoker!  I often think why did I ever do that to my body!!  I hate the smell of smoke now and the smell of it on someone else.  You will feel the same way after you have become an ex!!