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Discussion created by Christine_Aka_Legend on Feb 2, 2020
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My Toshiba computer is very old I got it in 2011 and now I am being told my antivirus will not support windows 7 anymore. I knew I was going to have to buy another computer but now that I look around I find that I can’t get a Toshiba at Best buy anymore. I have not had any problems with Toshiba so I always thought I could just buy Toshiba again but now that is not going to happen. In the past I had an HP computer and I had more problems with that brand with updates and one update from HP almost crashed my computer so I never want a HP again. A nurse had recommended Toshiba to me back in 2011 she said she never had problems with it so that is why I had bought that brand. If anyone has had a laptop computer for a long time and never had any problems with it please let me know what brand it was. I am looking around but I still have to save up for a new computer but I did not want to waste my time looking at problem brands. I would appreciate any help finding a great brand name to buy.