Day 5,575...and still counting

Discussion created by GrandpaBob on Jan 30, 2020
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I am SO glad I found this place! I quit back in 2004 and discovered a site called Quitnet about four or five months into my quit. I loved the site and especially loved the chat because it provided an opportunity to provide critical support in real time. But, for some reason, the "experts" at the Q felt it was no longer needed (unprofitable?) and pulled the plug on it. So after years of getting to know people and helping who knows how many people through the rough ride of a hard crave, we were all suddenly cyber-homeless.


I am hoping that this site is the answer to a prayer of finding a similar environment. I don't see a chat room, but I do see a lot of other awesome features. I can't wait to explore it all!


Anyhow, my name is GrandpaBob, just as it was in the Q. I love to help people and even wrote a book way back when after I had been quit for a few years. So if I can be of any help, please don't be shy to ask! My e-mail address is If you know how (I haven't figured it out yet), you can leave me a message on here.


I'm getting old and forgetful, so please don't message or e-mail me if you are in a crisis situation. I don't do social media messaging or texting either so I can't be of much help to you there. For now, at least, limit yourself to asking questions that don't need to be answered today. Once I get used to the place I'll be of more immediate help.


I know some of you are freshly quit, some are on day one, and some are still thinking about it. I'm sure there are some old-timers here as well. Once I get the word out to some of the old Q members that I do keep in touch with, the community just may grow a little more.


At whatever stage you find yourself right now, good for you for at least trying! Nobody I know of has ever succeeded on their first, second, or even the third time. It took me 11,806 times (that's how many days I smoked...I tried every day!). New quitter, old quitter or future quitter...we're all the same and we're all in this thing together.


Can't wait to meet you ALL!