ManOfSteele Celebrates the Big 50 Months Smoke Free and Luving Every Minute !!

Discussion created by manofsteele on Jun 4, 2008
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There were times I could not go 50 minutes without a cigarette. Everything I did also involved smoking. But When I started Pledging Daily, Relating to Quit Buddies, Celebrating My Quits with Others, Reading and Posting Other Peoples Words of Wisdom and Laughing and Make Others Laugh in Our Game Room My Attitude Started Changing.

There Are A Lot of Ways to Quit Yet Staying Quit is What We All Need To Learn !

Having Good Mentors and Quit Buddies and Those Cheering You On Helps Build A Strong Foundation. That is The Reason Myself and Other Mentors with Strong Quits are here.

We want to show you how to build a strong foundation so you can stay quit for a long time. We are different than most supporters out here. Over 90% of all the free support is the same rah rah support here or any type of site like this.

If a rah rah cheerleader was all you needed to quit everyone would be smoke free. It takes some rah rah but more importantly it takes someone brave enough to tell you something has to change.

Have you ever heard Insanity can be defined as trying to do the same thing, the same way, time after time and expecting different results? So please be willing to make changes. It is only for your good to do so even if it is uncomfortable some times.

We all have different ways of getting this message across. Look for a Smoke Free Mentor That You Can See Yourself Being One Day. No one is perfect we all have our flaws but understand always agreeing with a newbie is not always good for the newbie to build a strong smoke free foundation that will last.

You control your attitude about your quit. Successes belong to you as well as your failures. Mentors should not be credited to your success or your failures as it is up to each person to do it for them self. We teach a positive yet firm message. It is the way we stay smoke free but that does not guarantee it works for everyone that try to follow us. We wish you the best and hope we can help celebrate many smoke free parties for you here.


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