-Relapsed after 887 days-

Discussion created by EleanorRigby on Jan 21, 2020
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After almost 50 years of smoking I quit 6/18/16.  I had never really tried to quit, just said I was going to someday.. so the day came when the coughing and hacking became unbearable and the years of smoking kept piling up. I did not want to die a smoker.  Not sure what happened.. it was a slow process, not one that I went from 0 to a pack a day.  I would have one or two, then easily go a week or two, then another cig or two, then nothing, until the days between not having one became less and less.  I hid it from my husband until I started coughing, hacking and wheezing again and then he knew...but I still lied about it.  Nobody else in my life knew I had started again.  Anyway..  I am back again with 17 days under my belt.  It is somewhat easier.  All the triggers weren't activated completely and I hadn't become a hardened criminal like before.  Thanks for listening.  Relapsing is a b**tch and so uncalled for.  Dont do it..!!!!!