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Why do we need "proof?"

Question asked by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jan 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2020 by sweetplt

We all know NOPE. We have heard of phenomenal quits and frequent failures. We've been told all about relapse and slips almost daily. Then it happens...

That moment of decision - not the every single day of decision but the right here right now decision that says "one won't hurt my quit!"

We know the answer but it honestly didn't come down to this moment as much as it seems. Whispering Nico-lies have been drifting through our minds for days - maybe even weeks.

Why does George or Mary "get to smoke?" Why not me - at least occasionally? It isn't fair! 

What we forget is that smokers don't "get to" smoke - they have to smoke - and yes, you are just like George or Mary - an addict! 

There's no such thing as "just one!!!" There's no "get to" or I"can just quit again I already proved that I can quit!" These relapse traps only can teach you that quitting from time to time is not quitting and it doesn't spare you from any and all of the consequences of the chimney smoker. I know - I never smoked more than a pack a week or for more than Months each year. 

Now I have COPD!

You have the proof - addiction is addiction is addiction. Don't let the Nico-whispers sneak in on you! Relapse sucks.