Newbie Challenge

Discussion created by Giulia Champion on Jan 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by AnnetteMM

This is a really simple, kind of stupid game.  Race to +/-20   If you have under a year quit, you add a point.  If you have over a year quit you subtract a point.  


I've been an Elder for MANY years and we Elders lost for a LONG time playing this game because there were such avid Newbies.  Two avid Newbies could take down 8 Elders.  And I for one want some more competition.  Especially since some of the Newbies have become Elders of late in the process of playing this game.   And that's a great thing!  


If you're a Newbie - I want you to join this game.  For me - it has multiple purposes.  1) it lets others know when I'm on site 2) it keeps me actively paying attention on the site 3) it presents a sweet fun challenge. 


As a 13 year quitter I don't need a challenge any more.  I've conquered my addiction.  (For now anyway.)   But as someone who enjoys a challenge, it's just a way to keep me on my toes and paying attention.  And something different from the Daily Pledge The Daily Pledge helps to hold us accountable.  But this game makes our accountability FUN!  If that makes any sense.  


So I encourage all of you who have under a year quit, to play this silly game - for the fun challenge of it. I want you Newbies to beat us.   Because every day you beat us, you get closer to joining our ranks.  And every day you WANT to beat us, is a day you're psychologically up for the challenge of quitting and staying in the race.


Our Community Manager puts up a blog every day challenging those who have quits on each day,  to respond.  This is a challenge to you Newbies.  ALL of you.  And there are a LOT of you who have under a year quit.  I challenge you to play this game!  I want to see how much spunk you've got.  Spunk is a necessary ingredient.  It's the spice that perks up our quits.  


You got any spice?