Recognizing and Resisting Relapse Traps

Discussion created by SuzyQ411 on Jan 12, 2020
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Hi Group Members~

Happy I stumbled onto this group via another post. I am a recent pass-over from QuitNet,


I was a heavy smoker-often at least two packs per day- for 61 years. My initial quit was on 8/25/2019.

I was just past 4 months clean when I relapsed in late December. I'm one of those that thought "just one won't hurt." Well, I learned the hard way that smoking just one will bring the addict right back into the addiction.


I stopped smoking again on 01/06/2020, so it has been six days for me as a non-smoker.

I have health issues which command my total abstinence from cigarettes.

And, I don't want to stink of stale smoke.


While my commitment to remain smoke free is an honest one, I relapsed once and know I need to guard my quit closely so I won't do that again. So, I'd like to join this group.


Do I need to sign up or anything, or just pop in and start participating?

Looking forward to getting to know you as we work together to safeguard our quits~