Weekend's NIQ - Nearly Impossible Question

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Weekend’s Nearly Impossible Question

*The Nearly Impossible Question


(*Remember that this is a game meant for fun, so Googling or knowingly posting the correct answer is not how it's done. The answer is always PG, please respect that.)


Today's Question:


Q:    When it comes to kids toys, out of every million of these manufactured, 18 are rejected...what are they? 


Note* the answer will be posted in the following day’s NIQ. This is posted Sunday night through Thursday night.   *Today is the exception. I did not post this Thursday night.)



(You will see the NIQ@# Answer Monday in the next post of the NIQ. One answer per posting please.)



Good Luck Everybody!

to life~

 Note: You can play, but I am testing this out.


The answer was posted in Monday's NIQ