Another Elder Painted ~Sootie

Discussion created by Mandolinrain on Jan 7, 2020
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Another higher regarded Elder done. Sootie.,,In Oils.  She was a little challenging to do due to blurry picture to paint from. Im learning to paint humans so this is a good practice for me.


Below her progression is a woman I painted last night at my Art Club. We had her as a live model. Thats even harder to do, but I cheated and took my iPad and took a picture of her to use as I painted. In class, we painted for three for 20 minutes and take 10minute breaks in between. Did her in Acrylic.



Next on the list is mike_in_alanta.


So here's our Sootie :




Heres the woman I did last night in Acrylic:



Taking these pictures help. I can see so many mistakes in all of them. So thanks everyone for letting me paint you, I have a list going of those who wanted to have me paint them, if you want on it, let me know. Theres no charge and I will mail it to you when its done  This is great practice for me and free subject matter