Dreaded driving, ughhhh

Discussion created by jenniferrenee2631 on Jan 7, 2020
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I had a thyroidectomy on 12/03/19 with a radical neck dissection. I was so sick and still not able to fully swallow. I couldn't eat, much less smoke. Anyway, it's now about a month later. I bought one pack and smoked it between 12/20/19 - 1/4/2020. It's now been 2 or 3 days since i've smoked, and i avoided buying a pack today while i was out. That was a miracle. Driving, especially in AZ traffic, which is like L.A. traffic, but with worse drivers, seems almost impossible. Now, if i have my grandson, mom, or the dog, it's doable. I would never light up with even a pet in the car, but if i'm in the car going from place to place all day by myself, that's hard. Tips for getting thru cravings while driving anyone??