Good-bye QuitNet - Hello ex community

Discussion created by Margaretd Champion on Jan 5, 2020
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Well, the quitnet is finished effective January 6, at 9 a.m. While I am so sad to see this support community shut down, it will forever remind me of how I was able to quit this killer addiction.  I have 940 days of freedom because of these reasons;


  • I wanted to quit more than I wanted to smoke,
  • I was sick and tired of being in the claws of nicotine addiction and I didn't want to support  big tobacco anymore,
  • I knew I could not do this alone and I reached out to a support system and asked for help,
  • I got the help from the quitnet community in the form of encouragement, suggestions, humor, music and,

      by seeing that others could quit and it made me think...maybe I can do this, maybe I can live without cigarettes.


I've been free of the compulsion to smoke for 940 days because I recognized I could no longer poison my body and get away with it.  


I stayed nicotine-free by re-framing how I thought about smoking:

  • Smoking a cigarette is no longer an option.
  •  I removed all thoughts of "smoking just one", I can never have a cigarette
  • Instead of fearing the next intense crave, I welcomed it and embraced it as a healthy sign I was getting well
  • I understood that if I smoke even one cigarette, I might not be able to quit again and that scared me
  • I am one of the lucky ones!


I am sad that quitnet is going away tomorrow morning, happy that it was there for me and ecstatic you are here for me.

Here is a picture of me throwing a temper tantrum because the quit next is closing down - but all is okay - I no longer smoke.


I hope to re-join some of my fellow quitnet people and meet new people who are heroes of quitting a deadly addictiion