Avian3's 2 cents to the quitnet members

Discussion created by avian3 on Jan 4, 2020
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To all former quitnet members who we have the pleasure of welcoming to this site...


...Congratulations, welcome and its wonderful to see you here!


Just a little background about quite a few of us that lost our site a few years ago. Unfortunately, we weren't given the respect to warn us ahead of time that the site would end at a particular time. It just suddenly was gone one day. We have some former members here and joined other sites but the majority of us are still hurt by the disappearance of a site where we all clung together to beat this addiction and make close friends


SO there are many of us that know exactly what you are feeling. Don't give up and think there are not other sites that can't relate to smoking addiction. No matter what site you join or how long we have been quit, we all share the same memories and never forget the struggle we went through.