What Do You Do?

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~~Your talent determines what you can do.  Your motivation determines how much you are willing to do.  Your attitude determines how well you do it.~~  Lou Holtz


When you are quitting, it's rather important to figure out what you like to do...your talents, your skills, your abilities...because if you keep busy doing what you like, you will be better able to forget for a while about smoking.  I filled my days with doing my favorite things...and I found that it really helped me get through my quit.


So do you mind sharing with us?  Are you an artist?  An organizer?  A poet?  Are you a dancer?  Do you sing?  What are your favorite things to do?  What makes you happy?  What makes you forget about things?  Do you speak different languages?  Do you garden?  Are you a cleaner?  A builder?  Puzzle worker? 


What to you love to do?  Even more, what would you like to try that maybe you haven't tried yet? 


Remember that the woods would be awfully quiet if no birds sang except those who sang the best.  In other words, it doesn't matter how 'good' you are....it matters that you enjoy doing it