The Daily Pledge January 2020

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Welcome to 2020!!!  A new year AND a new decade.  My first pledge was January 2018.  While the last year has been super busy for me at work and at home, I am extremely honored to be facilitating the Daily Pledge and grateful for this opportunity.

We get many new quitters who have chosen to start their quit on January 1.  There was a wonderful post started by Youngatheart.7.4.12 asking about our favorite links on the site.  When I first quit, all I wanted to do was read about what others went through, the experiences they had, advice, etc.  I referenced the post all year long.  I thought I would post a link to it here.  It contains such valuable information and will keep you busy reading for hours!

For Our New Years' Quitters (and community members, too) 

For many, January is a time of thinking of the New Year, new beginnings, setting new goals, and cold weather (for some). 


How to pledge: 

  1. Go to top of page and click the link for Latest Reply.Latest Reply
    Or you can go to the last page by clicking on the last page of the pagination links.Pagination
  2. Click on the Reply bubble and make your pledge to the person at the end and then offer your free hand to the next pledge.Reply
  3. You've made your pledge.  Come back tomorrow and pledge again.
  4. Check out this handy quit calendar to calculate your DOF!  EX Quit Calculator or check out My Quit Plan.

As you go through your day you know that you have these two people with you and all of you are keeping each other strong. How cool is that!