Seven Years

Discussion created by nanawendy on Dec 31, 2019
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As I celebrate my seven years smoke free tonight I would like to thank all of you great Exers that helped me get here.  Guilia, Dale, Tommy, Shawn, Skygirl and my lifeline, Strudel. You guys were here for me even when I wasn't here for myself. You held my hand and led me and when I needed it you were behind me pushing me forward.                                    I just learned a couple weeks ago that a dear friend lost a 6 year quit. Goes to show how powerful this addiction is and you can never let your guard down. I know that I will always be one away from a pack a day. I pray that she will return to EX and get the support she needs.

So if you are here tonight and feel that you can't do this, yes you can, these Elders have been where you are and they can guide you, so please listen ask for help when you need it.  You can do it.  I smoked for 45 years and I am celebrating 7 wonderful smoke free years tonight thanks to my commitment and the knowledge of these great people


Keep Calm and Carry On