71 Days but HELP: New Year's Looms

Discussion created by Augustus44 on Dec 30, 2019
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I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas (or whatever is appropriate). I hate saying Happy Holidays! Anyway, I have written this before, but I'm going to need some help and advice tomorrow evening ( New Year's Eve). I'm not going to be around smokers--I'm going out with a friend for dinner and then I expect to be returning home. I have this overwhelming urge to buy a pack and smoke one night only--I know it's insane, and dangerous, but the whole idea of smoking for as long as I did was insane and dangerous--and it didn't stop me. Are any of you going to be around tomorrow evening to talk, or write back and forth? I really don't want to ruin 71 days without a puff on one cancer stick, but I freely admit that tomorrow evening is going to be a bugger to get through. HELP DEAR FRIENDS. Augustus