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I have relapsed.

Question asked by Ronwv on Dec 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2020 by DonnaMarie

Was doing great and was feeling better.but,I had a very bad call a few days before christmas and I started smoking and dipping like there was no tomorrow. 

During that time I felt guilty for I messed up and didn't ask for help.

Yes,I noticed my headaches were back,blood pressure going up and felt on the edge very bad.


So,on christmas eve.i told myself I need to quit now and follow my quit 6 days into my new quit. I am feeling physically aloft better but I still feel guilty for messing up.


I am using the nice mints again and working on not letting stress run my life.i will reach out to this site and my preacher friends in dealing with that stressors again.


So,it a new day and a new quit and I am ready again.