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Which 5 Word Games Would You Keep?

Question asked by Mark Employee on Dec 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2020 by Mark

There are getting to be a lot of Word games here on EX. That's exciting!  I really like that it is a way for people to congregate and interact in a way that helps them past a crave or whatever reason they use a Game to their benefit here on EX. I don't want people to lose that outlet here on EX but we need to find a happy medium where it doesn't distract so much on the home page where people might be asking for assistance with their quit, especially in the early stages.  We don't want people to fall through the cracks. When multiple games are active at one time in close succession they can take over the Recent Activity widget on the home page, hiding requests for support and assistance. Unfortunately there is no way for me to list all content EXCEPT for Games in that home page widget (on desktop). I'm exploring options but for now I'd like to know what 5 games people prefer to play. 


What you need to do:

  • List the 5 games you want to continue playing, in no particular order as I've done in the example below.
  • Don't include any other commentary in your responses.
  • Respond only once.
  • If you change your mind, edit your post. Don't post a second time.
  • Posts containing more than list of 5 will be excluded from voting.




  1. Alphabetical Cities Game
  2. Two Vowels Only A-Z
  3. Rhyme This Time Game
  4. How Bout A Game! Race to +/-20
  5. Last Word First 


I'll tally the results and next Monday 12/30/19 will determine what we'll do next. 


Happy Holidays!