Best Place to Find A Quit Buddy Might Be........

Discussion created by manofsteele on Aug 11, 2008
Best Place to Find A Quit Buddy Might Be........

If you can't get people to respond to you here please check In the Daily Pledge Group.

I met my 3 closest quit buddies Tina, Casper Mary and Sarah in our daily pledge area. We all had quit within a few weeks of each other and pledging daily made us all more accountable to ourselves and to the others in our group.

Tina, Mary and I all have 4+ years smoke free living and Sarah messed up but now has a 3+ year quit.

We pledged daily, not to smoke in front of a group of like minded people, we read words of wisdom, we learned by tough luv that all excuses are lame to ever take another puff, we found quit buddies that understood what we were going through, some of us played word games to pass time or to laugh or to try to make someone else laugh and some just decided it was easiest to just give thanks and praise to help solve the troubling times in our life.

Hope this helps !