After completing the prescribed time for the patch

Discussion created by prissdoll on Dec 22, 2019
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So I am @ 74 days without smoking a cigarette.  I used the patch and the last of the 7 mg. patches was used 17 days ago.  I was wondering why the anxiety and cravings have seen an uptick in the past couple weeks.  It just dawned  on   me that maybe it has something to do with not wearing the patch anymore.  Well, actually I was thinking it a few days ago and thought about getting some gum or another box of patches.  I think I do not want to do that though because that would just reintroduce nicotine and sooner or later I'd need to come off the nicotine anyway.. Yikes, it has been quite the rollercoaster....just thinking about smoking all the time even when doing the distractions.  Anyway, any feedback would be appreciated.  I know some do not agree with using the patches but I could never have done cold turkey.