Looking for a place to land after the Quitnet closes

Discussion created by Margaretd Champion on Dec 22, 2019
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I'm looking for a place to land when the Quitnet closes on January 6, 2020.  I am a non-smoker after 30 + years of smoking, I am now 926 days nicotine-free and loving every minute of it.  I will miss the support of my people on the Quitnet and I'm searching for a place to land and feel just as comfortable as I did with the Quitnet.  


Quitting nicotine is the very best, bravest and honest thing I've ever done.  It was not easy but I can attest it is "doable". 


While I have been nicotine-free for some time, I never take the power and cunning nature of nicotine for granted.  I believe this addiction will always be with me and I believe it will always call my name, so I must be ever vigilant.  Nicotine addiction is crafty, cagey and it wants me back.  Today, I say; "nicotine, you can't have me".  


Thanks, I will check in with this site to see if this is where I want to land after the Quitnet closes.  


I would appreciate anyone on this site tellin me why this might be a good place of support.  Thank you


Quit Stats - 926-day nicotine-free, money saved - $11,112 - State of mind - HAPPY!