I’m sitting here in disbelief that this could be happening to me

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I’m sitting here in my room still stunned by what my nurse practitioner told me today at my primary care clinic I don’t want to believe it. I am having bad coughing now but it has been off and on dry coughing for years but not as bad as now so I went to my primary clinic today and told her my cough is bad and my lungs are hurting really bad and stinging and I told her I thought it was from the cough my lungs were hurting. The nurse practitioner did an X-Ray of my lungs and she said COPD to me but she has to let someone else look at my X-Ray to see what they think. I was taken off of Lisinopril to see if it helps my cough go away and put on Valsartan a low dose for now. My nurse practitioner said for now she only wanted the X-Ray not a CT scan and now I have to wait to see what this other person says about my X-Ray. My lungs hurt so bad it feels like someone has repeatedly punched me. I was told I have muscles that could be hurting from the coughing also and that could be my pain and stinging. I am on something for a cough and I was told take something for my allergies because I am having allergy symptoms also going on that is making my cough bad also. This feeling of hopelessness has come over me now if I have COPD because there is no cure for it. I will just have to wait to see what is wrong with my lungs and see what kind of test I will need to have to verify COPD or not. I was also told my heart looks enlarged on the X-Ray. I will just have to wait and see what happens now if my cough gets better or not and the pain I am having and I hope I don’t have COPD now. Just writing this because I feel very upset I hate waiting for results from the Dr. Office.  




                                Update on 12-23-2019


I have an update on my X-Ray. I got a call just before 5:00pm today from the nurse at my primary care clinic not the nurse practitioner that said she thought I had COPD. The nurse said a radiologist had looked at my X-Ray and said NO COPD was found only scar tissue in my left lung but that is not what could be causing my bad cough. I was relieved to hear the news about my X-Ray but also angry at the same time that I had to go through this. I am still going to tell my cardiologist what happened and see if I can get a test to look into this scar tissue in my left lung and have her look at this X-Ray. I asked the nurse what can cause scar tissue in my lung and she asked was I a smoker and I said yes and she said that can cause scar tissue. I was told by my nurse practitioner she thought I had COPD in both lungs but at the beginning stage she thought oh my gosh I have been through the ringer with emotions. It was comforting to have all of you get me through this and if I did have COPD I had people here with COPD showing me the way what to do next. This place is amazing you are all wonderful every one of you being there for me when I felt hopeless you picked me up and gave me hope to have a good life still. I asked the nurse to please call something in for my cough because what I am using is not all that great and she said it would be next Monday before the nurse practitioner was back to do that. I will put this update below in comments and up above in my blog just to make sure everyone gets updated and sees this. Thank you all for being here for me to get me in a better frame of mind when I needed it.