Baby Buck

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I shared this with my old friends at the Q and I would like to share with my new friends here on the EX

If I didn't stop smoking over 3 years ago I guarantee you I would not been here for the Extra Special Early Christmas Present I received Yesterday at 2:07 my grandson was born 7lbs 5oz and 20'75 in length. (I have 2 granddaughters)

This is my first grandchild that has not seen me smoke               Friends meet Baby Buck

Now I have named my grandson Baby Buck but  Can you believe The parents thought they had the right to name him
Friedrich Ryder (Fritz for short) but in my world his real name is and will be Baby Buck.

For those of you who are still toying around with quitting I can tell you this don't take the chance of missing out on something so special as this        He is 3 hours old in the picture here