I'm Still Here! 4 Months!

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It seems like forever since I've written anything and there have been some changes lately. The job that I had was taken back within a week of my hiring because my cousin also works for the county, she's been there for twenty-five years, and since she stopped speaking to me a few years ago I guess she thought she didn't want me working where she may rarely run into me. Of course, I couldn't leave it at that. My word, my integrity, and my character mean everything to me and if any of those are questioned I have to get to the bottom of it. I only found out what happened by talking to others that I know who also work there to see if they could find out. As I've said before, my family isn't close and it seems like they actually enjoy trying to bring down other people. My grandparents raised me and gave me values that their own children didn't choose to learn from them. Gram and Pap must weep in heaven as they look down on the family that they started because this was never how they wanted things to be. I also know how proud they are of me and who I've become because I am the best parts of both of them and before I say or do anything I consider how it will make God view me first and foremost and then I think of how my grandparents will view me. I want them to be proud of who I am and how I treat others.

After the job was taken back by one department, I just applied to a different department and I knew that someone's actions against me for no reason would be corrected on their own. Right always wins. It wasn't a week later that I received a call from the head of human resources telling me that they wanted me to come back in because they found that there were unethical activities that took place with the job I was offered. So I have three departments now who want to talk to me and interview me. I've already interviewed with one and will see another on Monday. When my cousin thought she was keeping me from having a job it only helped give me more opportunities. God is always watching. The way it looks, I'm going to end up being able to choose which one I want. My digestive disease is still better.... it's not perfect, but I'll soon be able to take better medicines and it WILL go into remission. Today is four months since I quit smoking and I keep going forward to bigger and better things. I want to move out of here and I know that everything will happen. I still have times when I want a cigarette when I get really stressed, but I come here and keep reading and all of you help me in ways that you don't even know. One last unbelievable thing that happened..... my dad who smoked three packs a day hasn't smoked for a month! I told you that they kept trying to sabotage me by laying cigarettes around, but it didn't work. He finally asked why and I told him that he just couldn't do it and I could and that's why he felt the need to try and keep me doing what he was doing. He didn't realize that I was using reverse psychology on him to see what would happen. Well, he couldn't have anyone saying that he couldn't do something so he quit right then and there! The next morning he woke up with the flu and a chest cold and didn't want them anyway. So he's still not smoking after a month. Now, it would be great if Mom would do the same. She did start taking Chantix so she's making an effort. I'm so glad that there's less smoke in the house and more people are quitting! I wish I could have written sooner, but I got the flu and that chest cold from my dad and I'm finally over it. Thank you for all of your support that has helped to get me to where I am! I never forget what you have done for me!