I put a Tips Area for each Menu Tab  In My SmokeAwaySupport Group

Discussion created by manofsteele on May 6, 2008
Latest reply on May 9, 2008 by Jaded
I invited members from Smoke Away Support here and the sites are very different. So I now have site navigation tips inside our smokeawaysupport group.

To help I set up multiple discussions for each area with my own perspective to help them navigate. It also lets them ask questions about specific areas so others can can go directly to that area instead of wading through multiple discussions.

Would that be something that you think could be helpful here?

An example would be a discussion titled - Tips for Main

Then the body could have someone start how to best use this area of the site.

Example -
Lets share any tips,traps or questions for this area ... I will start

Main - Shows the latest activity including members latest blog postings on their own "MyPage" . There is a place on the bottom right hand corner of the last blog that shows Archives of when personal blogs were updated. I think this area is the only place to see personal blog activity.

So this area is used mainly to see latest activity especially for blog posts.


I also envision taking screen shots and possible voice narrated presentations in the future unless the site does them.