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I Just heard this Testimony from James Romeo and thought it was so good it deserved a place where others could also benefit from it. Please also share your testimony below.

Here's my testimony:
I met Christ in 1974, and began attending a Baptist church. He took me off alcohol instantly, but the smokes kept on, and noone at the church said anything about them. Each Sunday, I would take my offering envelope, put a few dollars in it, and say"Lord, I would like to put my cigarette money in, but I can't, because I'm still smoking." And I would close it up and put it in the basket.
This went on for a month. One day while at work, I took a smoke break. I put the cig in my mouth. My match book had two matches left. I took them both out and struck them lit. Then I just watched them burn down to my fingers and go out. I took the cig out of my mouth, looked at it, and returned it to the pack. I didn't smoke the rest of the day. When I got home, I didn't think anything of it. I didn't smoke again. The following Sunday, I did the same with my offering envelope...put a few bucks in it. Then I felt the Lord tap me on the shoulder and say to me, "Jim, where is the cigarette money?" I said, "Hey, I don't smoke anymore. May as well put the money in."
From that moment on, I have been free of any desire to smoke, and am detested of the smell of them.
Now, I am amazed at today's kids starting, especially at the prices of cigarettes these days. FOOLS
Thank God I'm Free!