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Dear Quitnet friends,
THIS morning at 3:15 am, I will be 20 years Quit. You all helped me do it.
Quit Stats
Quitnet member since: 11/23/1999 
Quit date: 12/3/1999 
Medication: None 
Life saved 4Y 7M
Money saved $49,302
I have not smoked 219,120 cigaretts.
Just so you know:
A cigarette is a narrow cylinder containing psychoactive material, usually tobacco.
Thanks to each of you for your messages over the years.
Blessings for all. YOUWIN…IWIN…WEALLWIN
1q2 S.  (19 yrs. In Feb)
Alex R. 
Angie F. 
Anita J. 
Autumn S. 
Bertram A. 
Candyce J. 
Carl F. 
Carol K. 
Cindy L. 
ClearColors Q. 
Colleen M. 
Dani C. 
Dave L. 
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Deborah K. 
Denise T. 
Edward B. 
Georgie O. 
Henry F. 
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John S. 
Lana K. 
Lauren C. 
Lynn C. 
Mar A. 
Marguerite D. 
Mary T. 
Max P. 
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Pam Kubby K. 
Patricia L. 
quiet jo .. 
Randall T. 
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Sharon F. 
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Troutnut 1. 
Valerie purplkoala W. 
Winner55 A.