Hi I am trying to quit

Discussion created by Jessica5999 on Nov 26, 2019
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I found today that I need to track when I am supposed to take my meds. So, now I have to keep track by making a chart to use. Each week I am getting sickier of my addictions. I feel like I need someone to care each and every hour. So, I use it to think and sometimes, I wonder if anyone actually cares about me. I am a person with trust issues on top of them. I am getting sickier of knowing that I need to change and NeedinG someone to put forth their own offer to care about themselves. As well as me, too. I found out that need to meal plan and to journal if I eat because of my bad habits and forgetfulness. I am getting sicker of using paper. I am getting sicker of needing things. I am get sick of sick and tired. I am getting sicker of excuses. I want to stop.