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Did anyone have to switch their NRT method?

Question asked by bonnieherche on Nov 25, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2019 by redluvr

I'm 2 weeks into my quit and facing an unfortunate setback. My planned NRT, and NRT of choice as I don't participate in the decision about how much nicotine goes into my body, turned on me. I started noticing that over the past week, each time i removed the patch the skin irritation under got redder, itchier and eventually started to swell. After taking my self to urgent care yesterday I was informed I was having an allergic reaction and instructed to stop the patch immediately or the reaction could become systemic and cause bigger issues.


I tried another brand with a different type of adhesive and the same thing happened - it could be I'm allergic to all varieties of adhesives or that my system is flared so I'm going to react either way.


Regardless, instead of giving up and going to get a new JUUL, i got some nicotine gum.  I was using the 21mg patch and opted for the 2mg gum.  Has anyone else had to change NRT in the early stages of their quit? What were your experiences? I've been so focused on using the patch I haven't paid much attention to stories about the gum.  Hoping someone will share their positive experience - in desperate need of a little hope on this slightly depressing day 15.


Thank you.