A Late Quitter

Discussion created by prissdoll on Nov 22, 2019
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I am not much for using the computer because I am older and not very informed on the ins and outs.


I registered on this site some time ago, and I have been reading it faithfully every day.  It is helpful.


I have copd and am on oxygen...68 yrs. months ago I entered a personal care home because after two hospitalizations for respiratory failure I was unable to take care of myself.  I quit smoking for 3 months, but then the, "oh, screw it got me and I started smoking again....pure insanity.   I am now 43 days into my current quit...using the patches. I struggle big time, but have prepared better this time and I am using the tools.  I go to the lung doctor next week to get the results of a cat scan because I have small nodules they want to keep an eye on.  I am quite isolated with not a lot of support...have had family members remove themselves from my life because I could not quit smoking.  Sometimes I wonder why even bother quitting now...but this time is different because I really want to quit.  I want to do it for prove I can and to do something kind, loving, and constructive for myself.  I have had other quits that did not last so was quite apprehensive about this one, but so far so good. I have ptsd so am no stranger to anxiety, but my anxiety if through the roof...I am hoping it will ease some as time goes on.  The last three days have been the most difficult, but I made it through.


I am stronger physically than I was when I came here..which is good but I am still quite limited.  I guess when it really hit home that the next cigarette could literally kill me on the spot...why I could not get that through my head before, I do not know and would like to quit beating myself up about it cause that just will set me up for relapse.


Anyway, I sure could use some support. Thanks!#