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Nic mints

Question asked by Ronwv on Nov 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2021 by dsprague

Since I went 22 days without any dip or any kind of tobacco and I have been using the nic mints as my life support.


My question is how soon should I try and wean myself off of them. I still use them alot but was wondering when should I wean myself off of them.

I can go to about 2 to 3 hours between mints but was thinking how long should I use them till I wean myself off of them.


It all may be in my head.but,I also don't want to use the mints any longer then neccesary.


Yes,I have read some of the threads but I haven't found a answer close enough to satisfy my conscience.


The goods days are starting to come closer together and I am feeling more confident about life in general.besides being hungry all the time and tired but I noticed I feel more energetic longer.but now that fall/winter is here . The early dark messes with me anyways. seems when I have a question or something is bugging me. A thread seems to appear at the right moment.


Yes,my wife smokes and so far it really hasn't set any major triggers off. Just can't stand the smell.

Thanks again for all the support and quit stories and how you all stay ahead of the nic demon.

Ronwv dof 22