Something I learned at EX - Why

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Nov 19, 2019
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I'm closing in on a year of being quit. I'm right proud of that. I have been thinking about what really has made this quit successful. Something I look back on is the why. Why do I want just one? Why would I ever light it up knowing that it would be the beginning of me smoking again? 


No matter what, I always sought out the why. Every urge that was tempting me to light up, I'd think about why I wanted to do that. And the reality is that every reason why I could have given could be turned around with the reality that there is no good reason why. 


People here used the word "why" with me and they made me think. There wasn't a reasonable, logical, or sensible why to be found. 


As Alan Carr kept telling us in his book, there is no reason to smoke. And that is why. That is why I don't smoke. 


As for why I would ever smoke again... there isn't one.



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