Good morning Fam, Update

Discussion created by Taurusdagger60 on Nov 17, 2019
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Less than a week ago, I had the worst phys, mental, emo, day.  I was having hot flashes, cold sweats, panic attacks.  I felt that I was losing my mind.  I had my grandbabies call 911 for me.  I spent a hideous 24 hrs in the hospital.  They couldn't find anything wrong with me.  I took my bp, pain and joint meds.  I had no had a cigar or cigarette in over 72 hours.  I called my higher power: luckily, I wasn't put on hold I finally was sick of being sick and tired. If the fear of repeating that day is enough to keep me nicotine free, so be it.  Thanks for being there for me Fam.