Tomorrow it is.

Discussion created by 2019steph on Nov 17, 2019
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Hello everyone. My quit dates tomorrow. I'm 28 and have been smoking 14 years. This is one of so many quits in this last year (before this last year I was pregnant, and TBH I snuck hits in here and there during the pregnancy until about 4 months postpartum when I full blown stated again and that makes feel like a POS). I'm going through another spurt of strength or motivation and I'm trying to capitalize on it once again. I live with my 19 month old daughter and my boyfriend of eleven year's. He's a smoker too but has no plans to quit. I find that the evening is one big trigger. He gets home, I get the baby to sleep and then start studying and doing homework. Those three things really set my mind into smoking mode I can literally make it until 330 pm before the cravings come and I cave. When I go out on errands I'm good too until I get home. Going to my moms is trigger but I go there very, very often (she doesn't smoke but growing up in that house smoking and drinking it's a familiarity thing). And even if keep myself busy I'm afraid my 'break' will be a cig. What were your best breaks that you replaced with smokes? I really just want to be free, I don't want to beat myself up everyday and night anymore, I don't want to do it anymore. My self esteem is so low because I've just been kicking myself for being to weak to quit for years. I feel like until I quit I can't prove to myself that I can do anything right. I'm really struggling with my image as a mom and trying to balance work, school and family just feels like everything I do is not good enough or right in the first place. I feel like quitting will open a new level of mental clarity so I can focus on finding what makes life full. Sorry for the rant.