Tomorrow is the day.

Discussion created by jamieroden1 on Nov 17, 2019
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Tomorrow will be day 1. Again. Last year I quit for 2 months and let myself give in. I dont really know why, but i definitely regret it. I read a thing that said "If you quit now, you will be back where you began, and when you began, you were desperate to be where you are now." That resonated so much with me! And it is 100% true. I never thought I could make it day, much less 2 months. So now I am back at it. I started at 12 and am 33 now. Its beyond time. I really hope this one sticks. I was so happy for those 2 months, but it did feel like I was missing something. It's going to be hard to retrain my entire life. Here's to hoping this community can help when I get shaky in my resolve!