Results from Sitewide Poll for EX 8 Location!

Discussion created by Brenda_M on Nov 17, 2019
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Hello, all! 


The results for the poll are in, and Virginia Beach has won with 17 out of 35 votes!!!


Nashville came in second with 14, New Orleans with 2 and Cleveland with 1. Next, we will be determining when we'd like to do the meetup. Virginia Beach's prices tend to go up between Memorial Day and Labor Day, so we've been sticking with mid-May for it, though I reckon we can be open to other times.


EX 5 coincided with a terrific concert weekend called "Beach Music Cruise-In," where they have BANDS ON THE BEACH and an antique car show. So cool! In 2020, that will be Friday, May 8 through Sunday, May 10. EX 7 we booked a little too late to do that weekend, but we also had a great time, so it was still amazing!


I made this a "Conversation" so we can "converse." Please discuss below your thoughts regarding weekends and timing. We'll update you guys regarding date selection.


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