Day 1 again

Discussion created by hope2020 on Nov 11, 2019
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Day 1, I started to smoke at age of 16, I smoked till I was 26, then one day called turkey and quit because I was getting asthma and bronchitis. I didn’t do any patch/ gums or any medications. For 6 years I didn’t even have one cigarette.
6 years later I started to smoke again due to severe depression, illness and very painful divorce. I have tried to quit maybe dozens of times and this time for some reason I can’t quit. I am going to try today again. I am 39 and I really need to quit because smoking became my primary copying skill and it is very bad for me.

I have mindfulness therapy , meditation and deep breathing skills and using them. i made the list why I want to quit. I also have friends that smoke and I hang out with one of them everyday and she is like a sister to me. I don’t know how I will stop hanging out with her.


I am a very intelligent person who achieved many things in life and i helped people as part of my job. I don’t understand why I am failing on quitting this time. 
Can you please tell me how will I be able to quit this toxic habit for good ? 
I hope you can help 


thank you