Quitting and Memories On The Back Deck

Discussion created by Augustus44 on Nov 11, 2019
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I am a novice at this quitting ordeal. I am now down the road 22 days (cold turkey), having quit because i had a medical scare that fortunately is resolved. During the "scare" I was asked how long i had smoked--which is a lifetime. I'm 75 and healthy. The Doctor told me that smoking causes many problems besides lung cancer. My problem was with my bladder--too grizzly to talk about here. Before I got to the emergency room, I promised that if I could "get out of the woods" on this  problem that i would quit smoking. So agin 22 days have passed and I've been lucky so far. I've had withdrawal symptoms that last for a short time, but I have told myself that these moments will pass quickly. Today, this morning, I am just thinking about how i enjoyed smoking on the back deck--a few puffs, and a reward for something either trivial, or trying, the I had accomplished or overcome. In short, my memory of the disgust I felt over smiling in the first place, and the euphoric feeling I had when I first quit, is now a memory. Anybody out there know how to beat this memory that smoking was actually pleasurable? I don't want to slip. GK