For what it is worth, I jut wanted to express my opinion

Discussion created by avian3 on Nov 9, 2019
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I love the fact that the net quitters are joining this forum. i believe most of us have belonged and still do to other forums and there is nothing wrong with that.


After losing QSMB a couple of years ago we wanted to find a new place especially where our old friends would also join us here. A few did but with out mentioning the situation, some anger took over. I eventually forgave and took  responsibility for my part, There will never be another QSMB but at the same time we can  join together once again and do what we should be doing, mainly helping people quit smoking. I hope the old group that stuck around from QSMB will not hold a grudge and focus on our goal. I would love to see you here as you were as you were all very special to me.