Precaution to anyone considering buying an African Grey

Discussion created by avian3 on Nov 9, 2019
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I am always cautious with my language around children but sometimes forget I have an African Grey, the best mimic of all the birds. It was only three days ago when the birds would get a bit noisy and I would tell them, "if they don't calm down, I am going to smack your butt" which I never touch them in that way ever. It didn't take long and all I have been hearing all day from my Grey is "if you don't calm down, I'm going to smack your butt" He has an extensive vocabulary but seems to pick up on his favorites, After the lights go out at night he likes to whistle the first few bars of " Strangers in the Night"


So if you want bird that is generally quiet, not squawking, but does like to talk a lot, then the African Grey is for you