Met a new quitter

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Nov 8, 2019
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I meant to share this a couple days ago. Forgot, but here I am now. 


I had to stop at a store to grab a soda. I almost didn't stop because I was having one of those flubbed up urges and had to literally say to myself, "You are not buying a pack of Winston 100s!" I got the drink and a snack and went to the counter. I have a 7-11 card that collects points and mentioned to her that I never use it because I quit smoking and the only thing it was good for was a discount on smokes. She told me she quit a couple days ago for health reasons and we started talking about what helped me with my quit. 


In the conversation, I mentioned cinnamon sticks, which really were my savior. I told her that almost a year later, I keep a jar of them in the car. She thanked me for the conversation and I headed to the car. In the pocket of my door was a bottle of cinnamon sticks and I grabbed it, went inside, handed it to the young lady, and told her I didn't need them any longer.


I'm not sure if I helped her at all, but I sure felt good when I left. And no, I don't need them anymore. 


Happy Friday night!



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