This Cello went to the market....

Discussion created by Mandolinrain on Nov 5, 2019
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........And this little Cello stayed home...

This Cello sounded good

And this little Cello had chipped wood


And my little Cello is going wee-wee-wee back to Amazon in the morning


I am very bummed, of course what did I expect for $199.00?


I watched a youtube video to set the bridge~Check

Taped my first position onto neck ( Im new at Cello)

I watched another video to rosen the bow~check

I watched another video to tune it- CHECK...AWWW NO....The pegs would not hold the strings in place.

THEN I noticed chipped wood by the tailpiece, Crap.

I am not giving up. Sending this one back and going to rent one for awhile. Still I felt like a kid in a candy store when it arrived today



As this relates to smoking:


This woman smoked cigarettes~ 7 days a week

And this little woman QUIT

This woman smoked for every good and bad reason on the earth

And this little woman found EX

Now this woman say no-no-no-no and will NEVER smoke again.


Lesson learned on BOTH ACCOUNTS!