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Advice for finding support groups locally?

Question asked by freakfrehley on Nov 4, 2019
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Hi everyone.


During my last quit attempt about 10 months ago, I ended up relying on the Montana Quit Line for a month of Chantix, which obligated me to complete a handful of phone coaching sessions. The help I received from these sessions varied depending on who I talked to, but the experience was overall positive. However, it was pretty easy to avoid sessions and I wished I could talk to someone in person. This got me wondering about support groups in my local area. As a university student, I'm aware of several resources that promote student health. But, from asking around, I haven't found any support groups dedicated to quitting smoking.


Does anyone have recommendations on how to find like-minded people to meet with locally? I'm willing to give this online community a try, and I like the occasional texts throughout the day with quitting facts/questions.