Your Smoking Story

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Everyone has one.  Some struggle, some find it easier, some are middle ground. Quitters are quirky, shaky, serious, hilarious, lost, intelligent. 


When I quit, I asked my kids to tell me I smelled pretty each and every day for a month.  I wore two different colored shoes to work and never noticed until a co-worker pointed it out.  I ate butterscotch candy when I drank coffee.  I walked a lot, I yoga'd a lot.  I learned I like being positive.  I took control of how I felt.  It was a good quit


So I would love to hear your quitting story!! What was it that pushed you into quitting?  What keeps your quit going?  How do you manage things?  What's hard?  What's easy?  Who are you?????  I hope you share with us.  Your story is important....you are important!!  And what you have to say matters    


So, what's your story?