Oooooh that smell

Discussion created by Sammy838 on Nov 2, 2019
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      WOW since the quit its amazing how you can smell things again good and bad unfortunately 


Since my quit 25 days now wahooo!! been taking my bike out to get some exercise and expel the left over crap from smoking, I used to ride with my kids years ago but not much any more since my son moved to Fla.(following a girl)and my other son just joined the army and is graduating for basic and AIT in after several years of not riding it took some getting used to again but its so much better now that I can smell everything that's around anymore going thru the parks and the smell of the trees and the flowers the green grass is just so much better 


Was going thru the park today and women just walking the paths, I could smell the perfume before I even seen them with the crisp cool fall air I spent most of the day ridding around enjoying the smells and tasting new foods all over again I'm really starting to enjoy this quit